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Tips to Improve Your Valorant Gameplay

In life, we all need a little more knowledge about things we do, things we want to do, and things we want to achieve. Because all of the world and its power is in the hands of knowledge. It is how the powerful keeps his power by gatekeeping knowledge and not letting anything pass through himself. It is how we gain more and more deep thinking about the world we live in. My point is that it is the knowledge and acting on that knowledge that gives power to the power, money to the rich, and force to the mighty. The more knowledge someone has the better he or she will act according to it and will get better results.

In gaming or specifically competitive gaming, there’s a certain level to the skill ceiling. After that, the only thing a player can do to win is to defeat his/her opponent in game sense and game knowledge about its parameters, maps agents, etc You got what I am saying.

A pursuit of excellence is a pursuit of knowledge. The whole reason for the knowledge thing that I have written above is because in this blog I will give you some tips about how to get better and improve your gameplay in valorant. So if you are a beginner in valorant or the fps genre in general this Valorant tips and tricks blog will help you to get good quickly.

Build up Patience:

First, I would advise you to take a back seat and be patient because it will serve you with two purposes and prospects. The first is that getting better at something requires time and effort. The thing that I said earlier about getting good quickly is true but the process of getting better unfortunately is lengthy and I can’t make it quicker than it needs to be so the first of getting better at valorant is building patience. Whether it is holding angles or just getting the times correct. Good players always have patience and think before doing something. I know the temptation of rushing towards the enemy to make highlight play but doing that is a horrendous idea.

The other thing that patience will help you is with your mistakes and your team’s mistakes because you and your teammates will inevitably cause mishaps and will make mistakes but if you build up patience you’ll get a lot further down the path.

Change default sensitivity and settings:

The next thing that you wanna do is to change the game’s default sensitivity and settings such as ViewModel, crosshair, keybinding, etc. because the default settings are the first thing that will bottleneck your raw aim mechanical skill So you should always change it. Now how do you change your settings and find the perfect one? You might ask the simple answer that perfect settings do not exist. You have to find the setting that you are comfortable with and stick with them.  Here’s how you find yours:

  • For sensitivity, you should put mouse dpi on 400 and jump in the firing range after that just try to do 180 and kill a bot. Try to do each 180 for each bot and do this multiple times and see where your crosshair lets go off and adjust your in-game sensitivity. keep in mind that this process is lengthy and setting a sensitivity is a one-time thing and you should not change your sensitivity frequently because that can mess up your muscle memory.
  • for crosshair and key binds you should always look for reachability while binding your keystrokes because that is the whole point of customizing your keybinds. you could try to remap your keys for the minimal travel possible. Crosshair again is a personal preference because choosing a crosshair might not seem a big thing but it is directly related to how you feel your aim and how you flick your aim. You could try to use any Valorant Pro’s crosshair and see for yourself which crosshair suits your playstyle and which one you are comfortable with.

Lower Down Your Video Settings:

The last thing that I would suggest you do to improve your gameplay in valorant. Is to lower down your graphics setting a notch down. Now you might ask why I should do it. So the reasoning behind lowering your setting is that valorant is a highly competitive game and each second counts. So hypothetically if you can gain a few extra frames then it is a win-win situation for you. lowering your video settings can also help in making the game more snappy and smooth.

In high Elo matches situations happen when everybody is using their or smoking at every possible angle with continuous flashes with tracking abilities etc in short chaos. In that type of situation, a low-setting method will give a head advantage because all of the things that are happening in that scenario will not affect you as much as they would affect the high or ultra settings players. So low video setting gives you an extra boost in fps and lowers your input lag hence making your game more snappy and it also gives an advantage against your opponents.